What Happens to Expired Domains

Expired Domains

What is an expired Domain Name?

An expired Domain Name is a Domain Name which was previously registered but the owner did not re-register it.  

What happens to expired domains

Once your domain is marked Pending Delete, there’s no turning back—the domain may be lost forever. After this  one of the following will happen:

  • The domain may be released to the public and anyone can register it on a first-come-first-served basis
  • The registry may “re-tier” the domain as “premium” significantly increasing the cost of re-registering the domain.
  • The registry may reserve the domain so that it can’t be registered by anyone, indefinitely

Registry keeps premium expired domains

So it is the discretion of registry how to handle an expired domain. What I found that registry may handle expired domain in following different forms depending upon the quality of the domain.

1. If the domain is scrap, they will release it for immediate auction.

2. If it is premium, they sell for re-registration at a premium.

3.If very premium, they may hold it for some time. This domain name will not be available for registration.Nor they will make it available for auction for sometimes.

4. On appropriate times they will release it for auction at a high cost.

This way, Registry filter out premium expired domains and hold for themselves.

What I conclude, the expired domains available are just scraps. They are not good for flipping. They may be good for niche website or some links only.

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