Buying Expired Domains

Buy Expired Domains for SEO

Some site owners want to take the fast lane to achieve SEO ranking.The expired domains are best to boost your SEO ranking.Buy expired domains with good SEO and use them.First let us find benefits of buying expired domains with high SEO ranking. This practice is one huge black hat or grey hat SEO technique used to rank better on search.

Buy only those domains when

# they have a quality link profile (with unoptimized anchor text)

#they are relevant to your website,

#they weren’t previously used for spam.

The Benefits of Buying Expired Domains

Expired domains give you a competitive advantage over competitors in the same niche.Again I am saying not to buy expired domains for FLIPP.That is useless.Here I am advocating to buy such domains with high Traffic to make your ranking high.

Target traffic with expired domain

Advantage of buying an expired domain is that it lets you capitalize on an existing traffic.Only precaution is to buy such domain name which had your type of business.

In order to attract a constant stream of visitors, for your new website, creating great content, optimizing for the right keywords, and guest posting on other sites.However it takes months and months for growing huge traffic.A shortcut for growing traffic is traffic to use an expired domain with the traffic you  need.

Better Google Ranking with domain age

Older a domain, the more established it is.An established domain has more good links.An established domain name with high links is having high google ranking.Thus good expired domains with high DA/PA and good number of links is best for high goole ranking.

Backlink profile

Google confirms this. Based on their ranking signals in 2017backlinks remain to be a solid indicator of authority.Some expired domains have backlink profile with authority links.Such expired domains are very useful.


PageRank (PR) is Google’s system of ranking web pages.

The higher the PageRank, the higher a page’s position in search. Google assesses the importance of a page based on factors such as the number and quality of its backlinks.High PR of expired domain is good.

Amplify your SEO

There are four ways of using expired domains to grow your organic search traffic:

1.Private Blog Networks (PBNs).I don’t recommend.

2.White Hat,-good, risk free but need big time investment.

3.The Merger Technique-The Merger Technique is the process of finding relevant expired domains with strong link profiles and then 301 redirecting them to your website. Best 

4.Niche Website-Start your niche website on an expired and aged domain. Just to be clear, this method is not foolproof, but it’s effective.