Expired Domain Make no Money

What is Expired Domain?

An expired Domain Name is a Domain Name which was previously registered but the owner did not re-register it. If a Domain Name expires, it becomes available for anyone to register.
There are hundreds of website suggesting to buy Expired Domains for flipping for profits. They give tips to check various parameters and then buy them for profits. THIS IS MANIPULATED HOAX IF THEY SAY “MAKE MONEY BY FLIPPING EXPIRED DOMAINS”.They are part of a business of those who sell expired domains.

Who made money from expired domains

I have been in this business for the last two years. I read a lot of articles on expired domains. What we should look at before buying them. One of the popular websites says-
check for DA/PA, the number of links etc before buying.
All this is good for using the domain for building a website. If you want to resell for profit, forget, you may not even sell it.

Buy Expired Domain for other purposes then Flipping

I was lucky to get one beautiful article written by Ed Zivkovic  in Editorialtoday.com, which gives reasons for buying Expired Domains, other than flipping. I am reproducing his article here. My thanks to him.

Who is Really Making the Expired Domains Money

Why are Expired Domains so Popular?

One reason is that if the domain name itself has a lot of link popularity, it will have an established source of traffic. What this means to you is if you snap up an Expired Domain with an established source of traffic, you will have a site with instant traffic.

In case you want to have a niche site on the expired domain, that is a better idea. You can get juicy links. In most of the cases, the Domains are abandoned, only when the owner is unable to sell. Such Expired Domains are useless. In case a website has been abandoned, use the expired domain for the website. Even this domain will not make money in flipping. So be careful. Just don’t jump into this business. Do not follow blogs, advertising for expired domains advantages.