Mothers Day

Why no Website with domain

I mentioned earlier of Two domains which are for sale but do not have any website. They are very important social Domains.
I thought of searching for equally important Domains, and, May be available at  ask for a quote., Maybe available at  ask for a quote.

4 domains don’t have websites

I was thinking why there is no website on any of four domains.

1.fatherday.com2.fathersday.com3.motherday.com4.mothersday.comWhatever may be the price of any of these domains, there are so many bloggers who can buy this. But still, there is no buyer to start a website on these domains.Fathers day and mothers day is celebrated all over the world. Millions of business are done on these days. There are so many e-commerce and blogger sites who highlight these days. Every one encashes in the name of these two days. But no websites on these domains (fathersday & mothersday).
The only reason which comes to my mind is non-viability of these domains. If any store is opened in the name of these domains, that will be able to sell products related to father’s and, mother’s gift only and nothing else for the rest of 364 days.
A blogger website will have limited potential to write on this topic. They will be exhausted with very few blogs.What I conclude it is not feasible and economically viable at all. Hence they are lying ideal for years together.

The most important thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother. … Theodore Hesburgh

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