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Review of domainhole.com search engine for expired domains

Domainhole is one of the good websites to search for expired domains. One cool thing is this website do not through hundreds of domains from different places when you open the website. But you face a beautiful website, well designed in black and white. It asks you what type of domain you are searching for.

The search option is wide open and allows a lot of combinations

The query can be made on your personalized preferences. Under expired domain search following are options available
a-contain— what keywords
b-Start with-what keywords
c-End with–what keywords

domainhole search

Expires a domain    Today
Next 5 Days
Last 7 Days
Last 30 Days
Last 60 Days

domain expire in 7 days

Over and above this there is a custom search for a period  BETWEEN period from yyyy-mm-dd to yyyy-mm-dd

Top level Domain selection-.com

domain hole website

Then sort by–Domain Name
Number of characters
Number of words
whether to include–Hyphens
and a further selection of CHARACTERS and WORDS.

domainhole search result with some parameters

Choice Combination of Domain Name

The choice combinations are so much that you can pinpoint your exact type of requirement and then you hit SEARCH DOMAINS.There you have the RESULT to further decide on a domain.

In case you do not fill any values, by default, it gives all expired domains alphabetically, with no limit on the number of characters, excluding hyphens and numbers, only for .com,.info,.org.

Another additional information is the word made with the domain shown here.

On extreme right hit the icon ‘O” for a particular domain and here it gives the value of

1.GOOGLE Pages
2.Goole inlinks

It does not replicate these values of all domains thus not creating a cluster of data. Only for the choice of domain, you can have values of goole pages,inlinks and origin date of domain.

domainhole search result of domain

Another search results with some fixed variables.

The only limitation is of the limited number of top-level extensions. The search is for ten top-level domains. However, it covers all marketable domain extensions.They should provide printing option to print the pages of searched domains.
They need to add more domain extensions

domain search with characters and numbers

Quality of Website

The speed of the website is 1.57s which is very good for surfing and is faster than 78%. as tested on Pingdom

The speed of the website is 1.57s which is very good for surfing and is faster than 78%. as tested on Pingdom. The experience of this website is good and search results are also fast. The website is safe to surf as no unsafe contents were found as per google report.
More review of “Name Spinner”  “Instant check” and “Name Generator” of this website will be coming soon.
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domain hole

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