Custom Fields in WordPress Website

What is Custom Fields

Custom Fields is an important and useful feature in WordPress and bring us a very high customization ability
Custom fields, also referred to as post meta, is a feature in WordPress which allows users to add additional information when writing a post. WordPress stores this information as meta data. Users can display this meta data by using template tags in their WordPress themes.
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Another simple statement is “Custom fields allow you to customize contact records and keep track of any special information relevant to your organization”.
For example, you could add a custom field called Referred by to track who referred a customer to you. Or Spouse’s name so that you’ll never forget the name of the husband or wife of one of your contacts. Or maybe a field called University to remember which college someone went to,given by help.highrisehq

WordPress has the ability to allow authors to assign custom fields to a post. This extra information is known as meta-data. Meta data for custom posts can be information like a mood status or what you are currently listening to as the WordPress Codex points out. In more recent times, custom fields have allowed users to make their blog more personable as well as completely custom by extending their posts even more than before. These fields can be extended to include more than just meta data as many users have figured out.


Where is Custom Field in WordPres

If you take a look at the WordPress admin area you’ll notice that when you click Add New under the Posts menu a field below the post content text area is titled Custom Fields. There’s a chance you won’t see this feature. If not, look to the top right of your window and click Screen Options. From there make sure the Custom Fields.Extracted from elegentthemes

Inserting Custom Fields

The custom fields section contains two input fields labeled Name and Value. The name input is usually the identifier that which once used, triggers WordPress to display the content within the value field.But this is a technical work.If one is expert in it,one should use them otherwise some good wordpress plug can be used for inserting custom fields.

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